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Jilong provides import and export services covering five Central Asian countries, all of Russia, Mongolia, Ukraine, North Korea, Vietnam and other containers, vehicles and China-Europe freight trains::

International Rail transport: 
1.China -- Alashan Pass/Dostek -- Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, the five Central Asian states, all of Russia 
2.China -- Manchuria/Houbaikal -- all of Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia.Erlian, China/Zamen-Ude, Mongolia
3.Suifenhe/Grodikvo, China to the Russian Far East.
4.China -- Dandong/Sinuiju to North Korea
5.China - via Pingxiang, Tongdeng port to Vietnam

Business advantages
●Fast: the time is only 1/2 of sea transportation●Economy: the cost is only 1/3 of air transportation
●Stability: the impact of natural factors and other force majeure is small      ●Safety: continuous transport of goods damage probability is low
●Environmental protection: carbon emissions are much lower than sea and air transport